Agenda Glossary

The word comes from Latin and means "What has to be done". Today it also refers to a time schedule or a list of "what has to be done".

Agenda 21
The figure 21 stands for the 21st century which has just started. Agenda 21 is the agenda for the century in which the social, ecological, and economical balance of our world has to be restored.

In forestry, sustainability suggests that the number of trees removed from the forest must not exceed the number of new trees which are allowed to grow. Agenda 21 calls developments sustainable when they are environmentally friendly, socially fair, and economically acceptable.

This term derives from Latin as well. It means that several people are involved in an ongoing process. Participating also means to have a share in something which belongs to someone else. Without participation there is no social justice. Without participation of the citizens, Agenda 21 cannot achieve its goals…