aGEnda 21 - Study Groups & aGEnda 21 - Projects

In aGEnda 21 study groups, citizens work, in a joint effort, on the sustainable development of our city. The topics include different concerns from the utilization of renewables and the traffic situation to urban development and the needs of children, young people and women, and that is not everything by far. Some projects have been completed, others are ongoing or still in the planning phase. The following overview of aGEnda 21-study groups and projects therefore reflects only a fraction of our work at regional level:

women an girls forum
children and juveniles
consumer- and lifestyles
urban development
nature and landscape
school and education
solars regulars table
agenda 21-Workshop

Study Groups in City Districts ... from Hassel to Schalke

living together
projects for hassel
planning for the district
round table schalke